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Rena Williams is an author born and raised in Jacksonville Florida. Rena has had a passion for writing since the young age of 12 years old, writing poetry and books that she archived in her laptop for many years. Rena decided to share her stories with the world by creating a Facebook page (Williams Corner of Short Stories) for entertainment and public feedback. After receiving numerous feedback and multiple requests, Rena decided to take her short stories mainstream. Rena self-published her first 2 short stories (Sex & Situationships and Sex & Relationships) in January 2020 on Amazon. From there on, Rena joined Monreaux Publications where she has plans to publish her first full novel. Rena also works as a restaurant operator at Sonic Drive-In, is a mother to 6 children and wife for 17 years. Although Rena loves her job as an operator, nothing brings her more joy then using her imagination creating stories through her fictional characters. She hopes you enjoy reading her stories as much as she enjoys creating them. Happy Reading!

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Paranormal Romance
Suspense Thriller

Candace Adams is a Marine Corps veteran who lives in New Hampshire with her husband and teenage son. When she isn't writing, you can find her hiking in the woods with her three Siberian Huskies or devouring the latest bestseller poolside. She is currently the author of two books with many more to follow.

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Tamika Brown is the author of Carolina Breeze. Tamika began writing in an unorthodox way. Challenged by her students to join a writing contest, she wrote her first story. From this contest, which she was a winner in the adult category, bloomed a love for writing. 
Tamika Brown lives in North Carolina with her husband and three children and writes in between ball games and practices.

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At an early age Mahniyah was introduced to reading and through her love of reading came a passion to write. Once she put pen to paper, her whole world changed.
Mahniyah has been writing short stories and poetry all her life, and loves her work. She is also a devoted mother of 3 with 6 grandkids who are the love of her life.
Mahniyah is a hopeless romantic at heart. With the ability to pen any type of fiction that she sets her mind to, erotica is her favorite. As a multi-faceted author, Mahniyah’s work isn’t confined to one genre. Get ready to grab a captivating novel with rich storylines based on real life experiences from this literary diva who writes to live and lives to write.

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Urban Fiction

Kenecia Burns under the pen name K. Burns is Georgia born and raised but now resides in North Carolina. K. is an avid reader of urban literature which is one of her favorite genres,  but also enjoys romance and paranormal literature. Kenecia has always loved writing, often writing for friends as fun which quickly became a passion for her. She wants to share her creative stories with readers and bring her imagination to life.

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African-American Contemporary

Urban Fiction

Jamye DeBardeleben is a 36 year old mother of 2 living in Atlanta, Ga.  An avid reader of all genres, Jamye’s life dream is to become a published author.  Her hobbies include reading and writing (obviously…lol), music, movies, and community service.  I have been through numerous ups and downs throughout my lifetime and Jamye uses writing to take her mind off of life’s ups and downs, and hopes her readers enjoy her stories.

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Urban fiction
African-American Romance
Urban Paranormal
Urban Erotica

Fatima Munroe holds a Bachelor's in Human Resource Management, won numerous workplace awards and commendations, and is considered a leader among her peers. In 2015, Fatima took a step out on faith and penned her first urban fiction novel. To date, she has authored/co-authored over forty titles and reached best seller status on Amazon numerous times. Fatima has also been recognized as one of the top 100 authors in urban fiction for the past three years (and counting) by Ubawa Magazine.  In 2020, Fatima launched Monreaux Publications in order to assist aspiring authors with showcasing their talent to a broader audience. Fatima can be contacted at www.fatimasbooks.com or www.monreauxpublications.com.

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