A Billionaire's (website).png

A Billionaire's Infatuation

Tamika Brown

A Billionaire's Love

Tamika Brown

A Billionaire's Love (website).png
The Hybrid Wars - website.png

The Hybrid Wars

Tamika Brown


Candace Adams

Strangers - website.png
Stranger Still - promo 2.png

Stranger Still

Candace Adams

Perfect Imperfection-A Boss Healed My Soul

Rena Williams

Perfect Imperfections - website.png
Love Has No Barriers (website).png

Love Has No Barriers

Rena Williams

The Secrets That Bind

Jamye DeBardeleben

The Secrets that Bind - website.png


Jamye DeBardeleben

My Brother's Keeper

K. Burns

My Brother's Keeper - promo.png
Destructive Obsession - website.png

Destructive Obsession

Vivian Blue

Trapped By Love

Kiesha Michelle

Trapped By Love - website.png
New Year with a Hood Boss - websire.png

New Year With A Hood Boss

Taylor Ase

Fascinated By A Billionaire-A Vampire's Tale

Fatima Munroe

Fascinated by a Billionaire-A Vampire's

Call Out My Name-A Vampire's Tale

Fatima Munroe

Snow White and the Savage

Fatima Munroe

Snow White 2 - promo.png

Snow White and the Savage 2

Fatima Munroe

Taboo-An Erotic Halloween Short

Fatima Munroe

Taboo - A Halloween Erotic Short - promo
All She Wanted - website.png

All She Wanted For Christmas Was A Billionaire Savage

Fatima Munroe

Carols, Snow And Mistletoe-A Christmas Love Anthology

T. Brown, R. Williams, F. Munroe

Carols, Snow, and Mistletoe - website.pn
The Experience - 2.jpg

The Monreaux Experience (Web Exclusive)

Tamika Brown and Fatima Munroe

 The Dopeman's Widow (Web Exclusive)

Fatima Munroe

The DOPE widow.png
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