A Billionaire's Love

A Billionaire's Love

A Billionaire’s Love Blurb

Erica Faulk has always been a party girl and Tinder was her go-to for meeting new people to have fun with. That is, until her best friend Remi was almost killed by her deranged ex, shaking Erica to her core. Now, the once self-proclaimed social media queen has given up her party girl lifestyle. A business trip to Chicago and help from a handsome stranger with eyes like brown sugar might be what she needs to get her edge back.  

Martin Wright’s senses were ensnared by a mocha beauty who might be able to get his mind off work and help him have some fun for a change. What Martin didn’t expect was for Erica to check all the boxes for his ideal woman. There’s just one problem—Erica has no clue who he is. There’s also the small matter of the mysterious red head who wants her just as much as he does.

Will Erica give in and find herself in Martin’s love? Or does she run into the arms of a stranger that could mean the death of her?