All She Wanted For Christmas Was A Billionaire Savage

All She Wanted For Christmas Was A Billionaire Savage

A woman can be the whole package to someone and still end up at the wrong address. As a self-accomplished small business owner and wife, all Noelle Claussette needed to complete her fairy tale was a baby. Her bakery is flourishing, business expanding, and the stars have aligned for her to succeed. There’s only one problem: her husband Fahaad.


With dreams of luxury and grandeur, the one emotion that eluded Fahaad Abdullah was love. His marriage to Noelle was out of obligation, and after they lost a child, obligation changed to opportunity. She was set to inherit millions of dollars from her absent father, as long as they stayed together for three more months. Sometimes he loved his wife, sometimes he didn’t, yet the more he pushed her away, the harder she worked for his love. Damn, life was good being the king of the castle.


We all have a love story with our name on it, and for Noelle that story began and ended with Rudolph. As teenagers, similar tragedies brought them together, but those same tragedies were the very thing that tore them apart. Any love that is meant to be will be, and two weeks before Christmas Rudolph popped back up at a time in her life when his presence was very much needed. Far removed from the up and coming dope boy she knew when they were younger, Rudolph proved to be the man who still loved her deep enough to recognize how deserving she truly was. But for all of his perfections, even he had something to hide.


A soulmate usually comes once in your life to shake things up, show you true love, and stand up to you in ways no one else can. Fahaad had his faults, but not all relationships are peaches and cream, sometimes it’s a prickly pine that still has presents underneath. Rudolph was so long ago…in a different time and space maybe they could be together, but everyone has to grow up.


With so much uncertainty in her life, will Noelle receive the ultimate gift of love this Christmas?

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