Amour-He Keeps Me Weak

Amour-He Keeps Me Weak

Breeze Quick is Denver’s most sought after publicist for the city’s biggest names in sports. Responsible for maintaining a spotless image for a quarter of the city’s millionaires, she was often mistaken for a pushover. As a full figured woman who loves herself, Breeze has little patience for trivialities and a low tolerance for games.


First round draft pick for the Colorado Rockies, Stefano DeLuca was touted as the shortstop who would bring respect and prosperity back to sports. The perfect mix of an Italian father and African-American mother, women constantly worshipped his very existence. Unbeknownst to Denver’s population of single women, there was only one person he had eyes for: the self-made millionaire publicist Breeze Quick, owner of BQ Enterprises.


Hey baby, how you doin’ tonight…the fire these two made when they shared airspace is beyond explosive. But when a ghost from the past appears in the middle of the night, will their heat continue to light up the Denver night skies? Or does it smolder in the shadows of loves long forgotten?


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