Call Out My Name-A Vampire's Tale

Call Out My Name-A Vampire's Tale

Tasked with expanding their bloodline across lifetimes, Trina Nicole is a member of a diminishing secret society of vampire women. Singularly responsible for creating shrewd politicians, billionaire entrepreneurs, and media moguls, Trina prides herself on overseeing the talents of others. However, her personal life is often lonely, empty of the love that she designs for others yet craves for herself.


Few knew much about the stranger who appeared out of the ether other than his name: Magnum O. Although speculated that he was the universe’s masterpiece, whispers of his true identity were an enigma that had yet to be solved. Next in line to be crowned king in his homeland, Magnum sets out to see the world before being tied down to one woman for the rest of his life. The allure of the Atlanta nightlife was more than enough of a reason for him to stay and enjoy all the city had to offer.


When his hypnotic looks crossed the threshold of Bethel Realty in search of a getaway home, he is assigned to the newest agent on staff: Trina Nicole.


Recently resigning her position as vice president of HR at Bello Enterprises, Trina is on the hunt for new blood. Once he laid eyes on the realtor assigned to him by the property management company, Magnum is fascinated by her wit and charm. Something about the billionaire playboy draws her to him like a moth to a flame, but she has a job to do, both professionally and by the oath sworn to her sisters in the blood. Does she go against her oath for the possibility of true love?   

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