Vega lived his life as a street king with nothing to lose. Barking orders all day to the soldiers on the block and clubbing until the sun came up, he was known all over the city for spending time with the baddest women on the search for the ‘perfect’ one to help raise his four year old daughter. Intrigued by Finesse, an exotic dancer, Vega believes her off stage persona is the perfect match to parent his baby girl. Determined to make her his, he sets the stage for her last dance before the lights turn down and the cash showers finally stop. The last thing he expected when he walked into the twenty-four-hour Walmart was to bump into a woman who set off bells and whistles throughout his entire being. She was the opposite of all he stood for, had a good head on her shoulders, and from their brief encounter, he knew she was out of his league. Still and all, he wanted HER.


Yamaris worked two jobs, went to school online, and took care of her grandmother, in that order. Her parents were out of the picture, so it was just her and her granny. If she wasn’t there to provide for her favorite girl, who would? The tables were turned and her abuela took great care of her up until she couldn’t. Yamaris didn’t have time for the trivial things everyone else her age did, she had to get her degree and move her granny to a bigger home. Bumping into the intimidating man at Walmart in the middle of the night couldn’t deter her dream, no matter how cute he was.


One encounter eventually turned into one date. One unconventional date turned into one kiss. And that one kiss was a turning point for everyone involved. Will Vega choose the woman who caught his eye or the one who holds his heart?




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