Goldilocks and the Three Kingpins

Goldilocks and the Three Kingpins

Money rolls…cars and clothes…that’s how all my hustlas roll…

Rashaad lived by the hustler’s poem: money, cars, respect, and a different piece for every night of the week. Respected by hustlas and working men alike, whenever he hit the blocks, prosperity was sure to follow.


Married to a kingpin was never easy for Goldie, Rashaad’s wife. The long nights, raising their babies alone, cancelled family trips, and whispers of other women was beginning to take its toll on their marriage and her sanity. Not wanting her babies to grow up in a broken home, Goldie stayed for the sake of her family. All that was before she found the hotel receipt for the honeymoon suite in Costa Rica for a trip she wasn’t on in her husband’s pocket. Disgusted with his lies and angry with herself, she packed her bags and exited stage left on her surreal lifestyle.


Hendrix had his own issues on the south side of Atlanta. Graduating magna cum laude from Georgia Tech wasn’t enough, he still had a hard time breaking into corporate America on his own merit. At the insistence of his best friend, Hendrix hit the blocks. Putting his degree to work on the streets, Hendrix was known as Chief to the street soldiers and hustlas. Enjoying a lucrative lifestyle as a street king, he bumped into a brown skinned goddess one day at Lenox Mall who changed the way he looked at women forever.


Holding court in the streets of the Chi, Judge was true to his name as the jury and executioner when someone in his jurisdiction stepped out of line. Surveying his territory, he spotted the one woman who could easily be the woman he ultimately settled down with and made his forever. Making his intentions known, he discovered she belonged to someone else. Unbeknownst to her, Judge always got what he wanted. And the brown skinned beauty from the A would be his, one way or the other.


When Goldie finds out about her husband’s deceitful ways, she weaves her own web of deception and lies. Bumping into a mysterious man who the streets know as Chief at the mall, she finds herself caught up in a love triangle between the man who she has history and the man who holds her heart. In her haste to get both men out of her system, she runs to her familiar place and unknowingly adds a third to her triangle of lust. Spiraling out of control in a sea of selfish desire, Goldie is forced to make a choice of who she truly loves. Is there such thing as happily ever after in the game of love?