In Love With A Trap God

In Love With A Trap God

Bad lil’ thang, fine as hell. If you got a man, let him know I’m coming for him. And if you don’t, you belong to me now – Atif

Known on the streets of the Chi as God, Atif had no interest in being with one woman and one woman only.  With his reputation as judge, jury and executioner wrapped into one, being in love has no place in his chosen line of work. Bumping into Kapri twice in one day was more than a coincidence, he had to know more about the exotic beauty whose eyes told the story of love and pain.


You should know not to mess with me, I’ll break your heart, baby  – Kapri

Chicago’s wild, wild west side was known for fist fights and shootouts. Kapri grew up as a product of her environment determined not to stay that way. Little did anyone know she was keeping a dark secret that no one would understand if it ever got out.


When I found out my husband cheated on me I was determined to get back at him – Tanjalyn

Tanjalyn had her own cross to bear stuck in a loveless marriage. Steve grounded her and provided her with stability while her heart begged to be with Prince, God’s ace. When Steve receives yet another commendation and promotion as an officer in the Navy, naturally he wants his family back together.


The fact that she was married was the ONLY thing stopping me from putting her name on the deed to this house and the bank accounts – Prince

One date with Tanjalyn turned into a baby and a potentially messy situation for the city’s second in command. Prince treated women as disposable until he was thrown into fatherhood. Only problem is: his only daughter calls another man daddy.


My name gonna be bigger than yours ever was – Dash

Growing up in the next man’s shadow was bad enough, but when the man was Chicago’s most feared and respected trap king, Dash had to work that much harder to prove himself a worthy opponent. When he bumped into Kapri one day in class, little did he know she was the key to his independence. Once he found out who she was, getting closer to the brown skinned beauty quickly turned into a matter of life or death…


Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Falling in love with a trap king was never the goal, but the attraction was undeniable from the start. Will these women live through it? Or will the pressure be too much?