In Love With A Trap God 3

In Love With A Trap God 3

Atif is struggling as he deals with life as a single parent. Losing the woman he thought would be his forever to his brother caused him pain, but he’s coping as best as he can. Far away from the streets of the Chi, he’s the only parent his boys know as they deal with the devastating blow of Kapri’s decision six months ago.


The cutthroat streets of the Chi don’t love nobody, and Rebel is no exception. When your other half is king of the streets in Milwaukee they love you, but when the relationship falls off, they don’t. Love ain’t supposed to hurt, but in her case love moved on a long time ago. Determined to guard her sanity at all costs, Rebel relocates to the city and hit the streets with a hole where her heart used to be.


Jealousy. Angst. Revenge. After all his manipulations and lies, Dash got exactly what he wanted: Kapri by his side and his sworn enemy in shambles. With a team ready to go at his command, Dash is set to run the city of the Chi unchallenged and unchecked. But does the city’s favorite trap god have one last surprise up his sleeve for his ex AND his brother?


Grab a shot of D’usse and light one up for the real G’s in the city as Kapri and Rebel go through their own trials and tribulations once they fell in love with a trap god.