Love Has No Barriers

Love Has No Barriers

Love can be tricky at times. To love someone is to love them wholeheartedly with no restrictions. When you love someone through everything no matter what, nothing can take away the passion you have. Or can it?


Remia had a hard time coping with life when her crackhead mother and father proved time and time again they weren’t fit to be the parents she so desperately needed. At an age when she should have been worried about college applications and planning out the rest of her life, Remia finds herself alone, scared…and pregnant. Forced to deliver her baby alone with no support from the people who should’ve loved her, Remia makes the conscious decision to leave home and never look back.


What should have been a happy life turned to out to be nothing short of hell. Hooking up with her best friend Eli, life for Remia went from miserable to existing. Vowing she would never let anything come between the love they shared, Remia made do with the hand she’d been dealt. Years later, fate paid Remia’s daughter a visit, plummeting her into the life her mother left behind in the slums of Jacksonville. When Remia is forced to choose between her child and her marriage, will she save her little girl? Or does she protect the man who saved her so many years before?


Nyah and Jazz were like sisters, blood couldn’t make them closer. At a pool party, they meet two guys who swept them off their feet and they fall in love. That love is tested when secrets from the past come back to haunt those committed to keeping them hidden. Will these best friends be able to sustain a life of love? Or will they be stopped by a barrier that forces them to make the decision of a lifetime?


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