Malarick - A Hybrid Wars Novella

Malarick - A Hybrid Wars Novella

I was born Mala. Son of Rahan and Salda. Born on the west coast of Africa, at the age of twenty-five I became one of my tribe’s most formidable warriors. But all my fierceness in battle couldn’t save my village from being captured and taken away during the slave trade. I alone survived, walking the streets of a foreign land, begging for scraps and a place to rest my head. That is until Nadeem took pity on me, hiring me to keep watch during the day. Nadeem was a being my people called a night crawler–only existing in the night and feeding off others. With no family and no hope of ever finding those lost, Nadeem turned me and became my teacher.


My voyage to the United States came many years later once Nadeem was murdered. I saw the changes the U.S. went through year after year as I traveled from coast to coast eventually settling in a secluded area, away from civilization in the Northwest. There in the most unusual place I met the most extraordinary woman named Marin—a wolf shifter. She was my mate, and our bond was true, until it wasn’t. Falling into despair and wasting away, the relationship between wolves and vampires crumbled.


With help from Marin, I once again lived up to my title–the Ancient One, devising a plan to open communications between wolves and vampires. But I wasn’t ready for the power or the pleasure awaiting me within the Portland Coven thus losing myself in the process. Marin rescued me once again and I set out to raise an army aligning myself with Marin’s new mate.


Can the two of us put love in the past for the sake of the future or will the hurt between us ensure our end?


I am Malarick, Councilman and vampire representative on the Council of Immortals, King Malarick of the Coven Nadeem, and the Ancient One.


This is my story.