Perfect Imperfection-A Boss Healed My Soul

Perfect Imperfection-A Boss Healed My Soul

Married for three years to a successful businessman, Sage Montgomery is living a lifestyle where financially she wants for nothing. Wade was the man she prayed for: loved her unconditionally, supported her dreams, and treated her like a queen. A man who was loyal, honest, genuine, romantic, and most importantly: a provider. Yet, even with her perfect life, Sage had a hard time being faithful to the man of her dreams.


Wade Montgomery had it all: profitable business, and a gorgeous wife by his side. A pillar in his community, he worked hard to ensure his past hadn’t overshadowed the life he built with his own two hands. All work and no play makes any man a bad boy, and this was especially true with Wade. His love life with Sage was the one thing in his life that wasn’t fulfilling, and when Bernita applied for the position of night secretary was when everything began to make sense. Unbeknownst to him, there was a workplace animosity between his wife and his new secretary that led to someone wanting revenge.


Spencer Montgomery ran in the same circles as his brother Wade for many years until one false move in their murderous lifestyles almost put them behind bars forever. Determined to change his life around for the better as well, Spencer worked as a supervisor of AT&T but the streets still called his name from time to time. Brothers in the blood and best friends in the world, one of these men has a problem with his loyalty to the other.


Love has a funny way of twisting lives in order to exact her revenge against the innocent. Will Sage and Wade’s perfect imperfections get them through the storm? Or will love swoop in with her own intentions?

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