Perfect Imperfection-A Boss Healed My Soul 2

Perfect Imperfection-A Boss Healed My Soul 2

After leaving his wife due to the infidelities in his marriage, Wade tries hard to make the best out of a new relationship with his pregnant girlfriend. But things take an awkward turn and Wade wonders if moving on so soon after a bad breakup was a good idea. When an unexpected phone call leaves him to have to make an ultimate decision and tests the fate of his newfound relationship, Wade is left with more problems on his plate than he could have imagined.

Kidnapped and trapped somewhere in the world, Sage is afraid for her life. Tortured, raped, and forced to be a sex slave wasn’t in her plan for a happily ever after. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, Sage has to find a way to escape karma’s sick joke life brought on by her own actions.

Chance is still on a mission to get back what’s owed to him. Fate smiled down on him when he finds information that could get him his money back and beat Wade at his own childish game. But what was supposed to be the perfect plan turned into a recipe for disaster. 

 Stuck in a whirlwind drama full of love, betrayal, and deceit, find out if Wade, Sage, and Chance finally get their perfect ending, or if the imperfections of others lead to their ultimate demise.