Pregnant, alone and kidnapped by her diabolical husband Damien, Jamiyah must forget about the tragic night where everything from their past came back with a vengeance. In order to survive in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, Jamiyah must gather her strength, inner power and most importantly her faith to defeat Damien once and for all. Not only for herself, but for her unborn child.


Damien is elated that his plan worked. Now that he has graciously brought her back to her hometown what could possibly go wrong? Everything is going his way, especially now that Chanel, Benjamin and his identical twin brother Dameron are out of the way…or so he thinks.


Revelations is a story of strength, faith, and forgiveness no matter the circumstances. Will Jamiyah be rescued once and for all, or is she destined to be a pawn in Damien’s game forever?

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