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Amour-He Keeps Me Weak


Breeze Quick is Denver’s most sought after publicist for the city’s biggest names in sports. Responsible for maintaining a spotless image for a quarter of the city’s millionaires, she was often mistaken for a pushover. As a full figured woman who loves herself, Breeze has little patience for trivialities and a low tolerance for games.

First round draft pick for the Colorado Rockies, Stefano DeLuca was touted as the shortstop who would bring respect and prosperity back to sports. The perfect mix of an Italian father and African-American mother, women constantly worshipped his very existence. Unbeknownst to Denver’s population of single women, there was only one person he had eyes for: the self-made millionaire publicist Breeze Quick, owner of BQ Enterprises.

Hey baby, how you doin’ tonight…the fire these two made when they shared airspace is beyond explosive. But when a ghost from the past appears in the middle of the night, will their heat continue to light up the Denver night skies? Or does it smolder in the shadows of loves long forgotten?







Damascus is the epitome of a wild boy. Parties, alcohol, and sex with whoever he wants, whenever he wants. As the son of a preacher whose flock is the second largest in the country, Damascus splurges on as many luxuries as his heart desires behind closed doors. Until his parents threaten to cut him off when one of his many conquests shows up pregnant with his child. Afraid of losing his inheritance, he does his best to clean up his act. The First Lady gives him one final ultimatum: marry his little plaything or be cut off entirely. Her family HAS to appear wholesome in the eyes of the church at all costs. Damascus decides he’ll settle down and keep his cool… until he lays eyes on the sister of his permanent entanglement.  

Currently enrolled at an HBCU in the same city as her sister, Badu is a free spirit and the opposite of her twin sister, Bailee. Her sister loved the party life, while she was perfectly content with a few palo santo sticks for clarity and crystals for balance. When her opportunistic sister forces her to come to dinner to meet the man who fathered her child and open bank account, Badu relents to supports her good sis.  

Laying eyes on Badu, Damascus is smitten. While Bailee was cute, her sister was the yin to his yang, the beginning to his end, the…exact opposite of everything his family believed in. To them, Badu was nothing more than a tree hugging, crystal worshipping heathen whom they wanted no parts of. While her sister was no better, she was the better choice to sit next to the First Lady on the front pew every Sunday. Contrary to his parents’ wishes, Damascus still finds himself falling in love more and more with Badu’s spirit every day. But if he loses control, he could potentially lose it all. In the end, will he choose between his shallow baby mama or the woman he loves?





No parents. No family. No support system. Getting it out the mud was the only way Charles knew how to get it. Hungry for the fame, he knocked on doors and chased tour buses all over the city, waiting to get his chance. If half the rappers on the radio got a shot, somebody would recognize his talent one day.

Mia worked at the in-home day care her mother owned since she was twelve years old. From changing pissy diapers to singing stranger’s fussy babies to sleep, she knew enough about other people’s kids to know she didn’t want any of her own. Eighteen years old and freshly graduated from high school, Mia took the money she earned from the day care and got her own spot. She had her own everything, except when it came to her every now and then boyfriend Sean. Watching the future hoop stars was a weekend pastime she shared with her girls…until she bumped into that one dude who was always rapping wherever he went.


The hook up…


Electrifying. One encounter turned into one date. One date turned into one kiss. And one kiss birthed the dynamic superstar couple dominating the airwaves across the world. Where Charles, aka C-Rock, possessed a lyricism that hadn’t been seen in hip-hop since Biggie and 2Pac, Mia’s songbird vibes calmed even the most savage relationship. But what their adoring public didn’t know was that this couple’s lives behind closed doors was a mess that, if discovered, would bring their musical empire to its knees.


They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Grab a glass of Stella Rose and pull up. Mia and Charles’s cautionary tale is one for the history books.




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