Snow White and the Savage

Snow White and the Savage

Cary Muhammed was a daddy’s girl, Miami’s most pampered princess. Fluent in five languages before the age of ten, she was the apple of her daddy’s eye. In the blink of an eye, a late night tragedy snatches not only her fabulous life, but the one man who loved her more than anything, leaving her with a stepmother who would stop at nothing to make Cary’s life a living hell. When most people her age were preparing for school dances, prom and graduation, Cary spent her teenage years closing off her true identity in order to cope with her surroundings. By the time she was legal, Cary had already crashed and burned into a shell of her former self. Even through the darkness, she held on to the hope that one day her life would magically turn into something great.


Every king needs a queen. Leonidas Payano, also known as King, was next in line for the trap throne in Miami. Growing up, he’d heard stories about how he and Cary would rule the streets together, but when that time came his queen was nowhere to be found. Years of dead ends and closed mouths later, Cary was found in Meridian, Mississippi. Short on love and out of trust, she’s skeptical about whether or not King’s intentions are pure when he offers to put her back on the throne. The thought of making good on a promise made to her father before the coroner zipped up his body bag gave her the incentive to make that ride to the 305.


King’s seven savages are the goons at Cary’s disposal once she touched back down in the city. Yenni, Bash, Jaden, Duval, Killa, Santiago and Benny bust pistols at the drop of a dime on the queen’s command. Who would’ve thought the queen would find herself infatuated with one of her own? But that’s exactly what happens when Cary laid eyes on Benny. How does Leonidas take the news, knowing she had his heart since they were kids?


Complicated is an understatement when Cary comes face to face with her past, bumping into her stepmother at the last place she should have ever been. When the truth is revealed about her motives, Cary is left questioning everyone in her orbit. Does she revert back to her old ways? Or does she stay bossed up and get her revenge against everyone who orchestrated her father’s demise?


A pretty girl, seven savages, a jealous stepmother and a king…does their story end in happily ever after?


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