Snow White and the Savage 2

Snow White and the Savage 2

Miami’s favorite princess has grown into a queen in her own right, and all is wrong in the kingdom. At the end of book one, Cary was kidnapped from her own home by none other than her wicked stepmother Lenore, who is still determined to sit on the throne she feels she helped to build. But when Juelz sends a God to her rescue instead of a king is when all hell breaks loose.


Hailing from the streets of the Chi, Atif moved to Miami and gave up the game when his wife died. Although he found solace in his new wife Royalty for a while, Atif’s interest is piqued when he does a favor for an old associate and finds himself face to face with Cary. What’s a man to do when he’s tasked with the decision to stay with the rebound chick or follow his heart?


When Cary discovered that Leonidas hadn’t truly broken things off completely with Okeema, leaving was her only option. Ever since he came to her rescue, the savage who the streets called God was determined to have her call him Atif while she screamed his name. Time and time again, he showed her who he was, all she had to do was let down the walls around her guarded heart. For all their good and bad times, was she ready to give up Leonidas to get her happily ever after?


An indecisive queen who has to make a choice between a king and a God…who wants that perfect love story anyway?

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