Stranger Still

Stranger Still

Eleanor Harvey is being victimized at every turn. When Sergeants Marshall and Parks are put on her case, she is hopeful that the person terrorizing her will be arrested and will pay for the heinous crimes. But as things escalate, chance of that happening dwindles away. As the body count rises, Eleanor begins to lose faith in those who are supposed to protect her.


Sergeant Richard Marshall, or “Dick” as he is known by his friends, is a detective for the Boston Police Department. A survivor of a traumatic childhood, Dick hides his dark past by diving head first into his work. He has one stipulation though; he will not work with a woman. When his personal life begins to affect his professional one, his superior decides he needs to work with a partner for a while, at least until his problems resolve themselves. Unfortunately, his new partner is a woman.


Sergeant Eva Parks transfers to Boston PD from Houston, and from the moment she lays eyes on her new partner, she’s smitten. Good looks only go so far though, and this man is definitely true to his name, a grade A Dick. When they are thrust head first into a stalking case turned murder investigation, Parks has to see through what the evidence is telling her and find out what is really going on.


As the monster is revealed, everything you thought you knew from Eleanor’s story will be turned on its head, and you’ll come to realize, we are all strangers in the end

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