The Monreaux Experience

The Monreaux Experience

The Monreaux Experience gives readers the option to enjoy our authors work on a more intimate level: the comfort of their own home. As these books are one of a kind stories, each copy can only be purchased through Monreaux Publications (we repeat, these stories are NOT for sale on Kindle or Kindle Unlimited). 


Included in your order is a small gift from both authors as well as Monreaux Publications as a thank you for being a part of the MOVEMENT.




Synopsis - Amour: He Keeps Me Weak


Breeze Quick is Denver’s most sought after publicist for the city’s biggest names in sports. Responsible for maintaining a spotless image for a quarter of the city’s millionaires, she was often mistaken for a pushover. As a full figured woman who loves herself, Breeze has little patience for trivialities and a low tolerance for games.

As the first round draft pick for the Colorado Rockies, Stefano DeLuca was touted as the shortstop who would bring respect and prosperity back to sports. The perfect mix of an Italian father and African-American mother, women constantly worshipped his very existence. Unbeknownst to Denver’s population of single women, there was only one person he had eyes for: the self-made millionaire publicist Breeze Quick, owner of BQ Enterprises.

Hey baby, how you doin’ tonight…the fire these two made when they shared airspace is beyond explosive. But when a ghost from the past appears in the middle of the night, will their heat continue to light up the Denver night skies? Or does it smolder in the shadows of loves long forgotten?




Synopsis - Let Me Love You


At twenty-one Rese McNair thought she found the man of her dreams in Ryan Warner, but she didn’t know about the monster hiding under his smooth chocolate skin and hundred-watt smile. Ryan cut Rese off from friends, alienating her and monopolizing her time, making it easier to control her. Being young and in love made Rese blind to what was right in front her. But loving Ryan Warner hurt. Literally.

Enter cute guy from the grocery store. Three days after meeting, Rese can’t seem to get him out of her head. This chance meeting leads to one of the best interludes of her life. The shy guy she saw days ago, was an Alpha in the bedroom. She might not have been looking for a permanent relationship, but Jason Merrick was tearing down all the defenses she built around her heart. However, when Ryan finds Rese, to keep the man she has fallen in love with and her best friend safe, Rese runs back to the place she never thought she would step foot in again. Her hometown.

Jason Merrick has an ordinary life, with an ordinary job until he runs into an extraordinary woman and fixated on her. Rese McNair was everything he could ever want in a woman. Too bad he doesn’t have the courage to introduce himself, even when he saw that same spark of interest in her eyes.

 A chance meeting with Rese ends up as one of the best experiences of his life. Jason was determined to learn more about the mysterious woman and insert himself into her life. But she’s repulsed by his touch, except when they’re in bed. When Rese decided to bail on him, Jason refused to let her go.

Will Rese be able to open up and let Jason love her? Or will she let fear dictate her happily ever after? Jason has no clue what he’s in for loving someone damaged like Rese, but he’s willing to find out. Can Jason win the battle for Rese’s heart and win the woman of his dreams?



                                THESE BOOKS ARE NOT SOLD SEPERATELY. 




    This is an exclusive book box geared towards avid readers who love a good book. Monreaux Publications is committed to raising the bar on how readers enjoy a good story, therefore these books will not be available for purchase outside of our website.




    As this is a Black Friday item, your item will be shipped within 10 - 15 business days once the ordering window is closed. This allows time for us to receive items that will be included in your exclusive box. Once you have received a tracking number, your item is in the hands of your shipper. Please direct all inquiries to their websites.

    We appreciate your patience! 

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