The Secrets That Bind

The Secrets That Bind

Identical twin brothers Damien and Dameron have one thing in common: Damien’s wife Jamiyah. High school sweethearts, Damien and Jamiyah seem to have the perfect marriage, but after a minor disagreement, Jamiyah gets the odd feeling that something is very wrong. She loves Damien and he ‘loves’ her, but what Jamiyah doesn’t know is that her husband has a dark side.


Call it love, call it twin intuition, but Dameron knows all too well of his twin brother's mood swings. A phone call out of the blue triggers his twin senses that something horrific is going to happen. Because of his love for Jamiyah, he is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure she is safe, even if that means taking on the disguise of his brother in the ultimate role play. His goal is her well-being, but he can’t deny the feelings he has for her since the day they met.


Will Jamiyah choose to her husband? Or will Dameron win her over before it’s too late?


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