The Dopeman's Widow

The Dopeman's Widow

I don’t wanna fall in love again. Love is for weak women who think it’ll last forever and that’s not me…

After experiencing the worst day of her life when the love of her life was murdered in front of her eyes, Khemestre spent her days in a haze trying to keep his memory alive. Tired of the thoughts that came with her loss, she relocated from Dallas to Charlotte to start life over. Far away from the streets and further away from the life, Khemestre starts the healing process in order to put the broken pieces of her soul back together.


If Charlotte was known as the Queen City, Empire is known as the king. A force to be reckoned with at every turn, he rules the streets with the distinction of a boss. With his fiancé Aarti by his side, Empire is poised to take over the south unchallenged and unchecked by anyone, including his enemies.


An accidental meeting between these two marks the beginning of an affair like none other. Khemestre quickly becomes his peace while Empire provides her strength. But the crowning of the Queen City’s newest couple also threatens to bring to the forefront a dark secret that has the potential to bring this couple to their knees. In the game of love and revenge, who will reign victorious in their love story born and bred in the streets?